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No to ghosting
No to fakeness
Yes to a relationship
FIVE is a relationship application aiming to create mindful connections. Through an extensive research done with over 10 nationalities, we discovered the obvious! People often found dating apps overwhelming. Too many options to choose from, too little interaction with a fancied match. Sometimes, we need a touch of a limit to show us where our path is. This is why - FIVE - is your guide. Not only guide to the right match, but guide to dating.
How it works
Swipe as much as you want during the events. We give you the opportunity to match with 5 people at a time. If you want to continue swiping - you would need to unmatch someone. So choose wisely!
Your date starts at 9 pm! We want to create real time conversations for you, and this is why we have picked the hour when most of the people are online. Every day at 9 pm, for one hour you are able to look for your five matches from the comfort of your home.
We have a dating expert! She's here to help you whether you have trouble starting or keeping up a conversation. Oh, and of course, she will assess your profile as well.