Online dating

The virtual world of dating, is as of a mysterious location, as it sounds. Breaking from skeptical stigmas, online dating is becoming continuously popular from the United States to the Middle East. With gaining popularity, online dating has become a popular subject of conversation amongst a colorful range of individuals. It is often praised for its efficient contribution of choice to one’s dating life. Being spoiled with the instatinuity and richness of choice, of our continuously expanding environment, an efficient process becomes customary. One thing perhaps is certain, that a relationship is not an Uber ride away. The challenge is to understand how to swim through the overwhelming waves of choices. With the end goal being then finding the additional value, that we search to add in our lives.

The additional value can represent a variety of things, such as marriage, a passionate night, or a new friend. The current dating apps are presented to be places where one can reach these outcomes, as well as many others. However, does the instantinuity of online dating truly ease the process of reaching one’s end goal?

To tell the truth, this is a question that perhaps will be fully answered as online dating is expanding. However, based on our own findings, that were derived from an extensive research of online dating app users within over 10 nationalities, the answer is - depends. Indeed, “depends” is an answer that can be given to most questions that a human can or can not answer. Nonetheless, in the case of dating apps, the outcome of the answer depends on a variety of factors, the main being what outcome does the individual desire from the dating app.

Certain goals are easier to achieve than others, sometimes based on the skills of the individual, others - based on the complexity of being a human. Is it easier to find a relationship, then to find a “friends with benefits” deal? Based on our survey - no.

As a matter of fact, 75% of the participants desired a committed relationship, but were struggling obtaining one on a dating app. Indeed, individuals that do not use dating apps, also go through a similar experience. Nonetheless, online dating has collected a certain cloud of uncertainty for those that want to commit.